I know how overwhelming it can be deciding what to wear for photos. I have learned a lot through trial and error during my years of being a photographer. So I put a guideline together to help you look amazing, feel comfortable, and to get the most out of your photos. Remember that this guideline is just that - a guideline. Feel totally free to show up in whatever you want, and skip my guidelines completely! Ultimately, it's most important that you to feel comfortable, and like yourselves. 

Scroll on down, and let's get started!

What To Wear Guide

Here's a few things to help you get started:

The clothing you choose to wear during your session will play a huge role in how your photos turn out. You should definitely choose options  that reflect your personal style, aren't too distracting, fit nicely, and that you feel comfortable in. Also be sure to get wrinkles out before you arrive, and find a way to keep wrinkles out on your way to the shoot. 

Which brings me to my next point, bring options if you want. Two to three tops, and two bottoms would be plenty. Bring a dress or two if you want as well. If you only want to wear one outfit or dress that's totally okay too! It all depends on you, and what you want out of your session. If you want a laid back feel, bring casual options. If you want something more dressy, dress it up! Or, bring both casual and dressy for a good variety. For guys, I have found that tailored, slim fitting pants photograph better as opposed to looser pants.

Shopping: If you want to shop for your session, I know a ton of great places to check out for all budgets if you need help with that as well.

That pretty much covers the basics! Keep scrolling to break it down into details.

Make sure it makes sense

Think about the locations, and the conditions that we will be shooting in. If we are shooting indoors, choose some loungey clothes, If we are going to be walking through the woods, wear comfortable shoes that you can hike around in. If it is going to be snowy and cold, plan on wearing layers, warm socks, and boots. If it's going to be crazy hot, dress in breathable clothes that'll keep you cool. Remember, comfort is key!


Sticking with neutral, earthy tones is your best bet. When most people think neutral they think white, black, grey, cream, brown. Remember, there are also neutrals of every color! Mustard yellow, deep burgundy red, navy blue, forest green, burnt orange, muave pink, etc. Try to stay away from bright, distracting colors. 

Also steer clear of any logos or words on your shirts.  


Avoid big, crazy patterns. Simple patterns like the photo to the right (or below if you're on mobile),  are great! Also, avoid pairing patterns. If one wears a pattern, the other should stick to a solid to keep things from being distracting.


I LOVE when couples bring along hats, scarves, jewelry, or anything else that will add personality and interest to their photos!



When most people think props - they think cheesy. Props don't have to be chalkboards, and wooden Mr & Mrs signs. They can be your truck, a blanket picnic, or even a champagne bottle that shoots confetti. Props are not a must, but if you have something you want to incorporate into your photos, I'm all for it!

Hair and Makeup

Lastly, let's talk about hair and makeup. If you want to get your hair and makeup done by a pro - do it. I know a few of those too, if you need some help finding someone. However, I do not think it is necessary at all. Do what feels right for you!

I promise you will look beautiful no matter what!