Samantha + Wesley wedding

I can't even begin to find the words to describe this wedding. I will have to let the photos do that. I can tell you that Samantha is one of the most genuine, kind hearted, intelligent people that I have ever met. Wesley is hilarious, and also super intelligent. It was so obvious that they belong together. Not to mention they are definitely a gorgeous couple. My second shooter, and myself drove over to Illinois the day before, and stayed the night. That morning, we headed over to the bridal suite. After all of the fun and anticipation of getting ready, we made our way to the church. It was an insanely gorgeous church, with beautiful architecture, and green marble walls. After the ceremony was done, we all went to a greenhouse, and Union Station for some photos. Finally, we ended up at the reception venue... which um, was unlike anything I have ever seen. I felt like I had walked into a scene from a movie. Rather than trying to even describe the magnificence of The Rialto Square Theatre - I suggest you scroll down, and see for yourself.

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