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 I'm Heather! I am the chill, easy going, fun girl behind the camera. Just think of me as your new third wheel who takes really amazing pictures of you and your loved ones. I am a lover of people, and pretty much already want to be your best friend:) I'm all about unique photos that capture who you truly are, and stand out with your beautiful uniqueness. Your chemistry, the way you laugh when you're together, the way you fall into each other's arms, the playful and also quiet ways you love each other. That's what I aim to capture.

So what else am I up to when I'm not taking photos? I love hanging out with my husband, my family. I am reading a book at absolutely any chance I can get. I love all things plants, and gardening. Also spend as much time outdoors and traveling as possible. I just can't get enough of life, and all of the beauty it has to offer.



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